Lippert Screen Defenders

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Protect your pet and your RV with the Lippert™ Screen Defender Entry Door Screen Protector. Bring your pet along with you for the adventure without worrying about them getting out of the RV at unwanted times or damaging your Lippert™ screen door.

  • How to Measure: To find the right size, simply measure the inside edges of your entryway doorframe and round up to the nearest even number: 24”, 26”, 28” or 30”. This number will correspond to your RV door’s rough opening size and the correct Screen Defender size to purchase.
  • Compatible with Lippert™ entry doors only
  • Fits travel trailers, fifth wheel campers, and motorized doors on motorhomes
  • Solid aluminum screen
  • Black powder-coated
  • Locks into existing channels of Lippert™ screen door
  • Easy, DIY installation
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-year warranty